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Originally Posted by HeatXfer View Post
LEDs will only flicker with AC current. I presume the DC voltage of the 1190 is regulated and at a steady +12vdc?
You are partly right, LED's are supposed to always be fed with DC. It CAN be fed with AC, as you say, which will make them flicker - in best case - but that is not the case in normal electronics. Instead, to regulate the LED "strength", the DC voltage can be lowered or - which is more normal - the voltage can be cut using e.g. a turistor that cuts the DC into various length spikes depending on how much "strength" you want. In a way, you may call this AC but it really isn't. The frequency of the "spikes" can be up to a few thousand hertz. The eye cannot see this (about 25 hertz is usually enough for the eye), but a camera can.
Hope this helped someone :)
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