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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
The truth of the matter is that the majority of riders here in PA, wear little, to no protective gear, most of them also ride HD. I personally would like to understand the psyche behind this, and for most parts, my questions have been answered by many responses in this thread.
As far as I'm concerned, you wear whatever the hell you want, I don't care if you ride around in a damn clown suit. Personally, I've seen the effects that good gear has, and without my helmet, I'd be dead right now, so I choose ATGATT.
I live and ride in PA as well (well until the first week of Feb when I move)and while I have observed that skipping any sort of protective gear is quite common stating "majority" is a touch strong. And I have seen plenty of folks on non-cruiser high-performance street bikes wearing not much of anything either.....not exclusive to Harley riders. Age does not seem to be a factor.

I have done some Patriot Guard rides (I like doing it being a veteran-I am not affiliated with any club or group) and I think most folks involved were wearing protective gear to include helmets etc.

But PA is peculiar with the non-requirement for a helmet. It's left to personal choice along with everything else.

Now for myself-as a former full-time FF/EMT it took me a lot of years to return to owning and enjoying a motorcycle. I have seen the effects of NOT wearing good PPE and honestly its fucking gross and horrible....hence I always ride in hi-viz armored stuff with gloves, protective boots, and a full (albeit modular) helmet etc simply out of minimizing my personal risk factors.

As for why folks choose not to wear PPE....quien sabe?
Is a skid lid really going to do anything aside from hold the top of your head on?

It's choice. Just be cautious with blanket statements.
Next bike I have several long months to think it over list includes Super Tenere, Honda CTX 1300, Triumph of some sort....we shall see.
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