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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
And some people will never overcome the ability to be controlled by rational evaluation and scientific theory in order to simply enjoy the base instincts.

I never would have skated a 24 stair handrail or gapped a twenty set if I always sided with logic. I would also drive a cage rather than ride.
Well said!

Logic and reason is part of the recipe, as much as is passion.

Too much logical reasoning might lead to living life only in response to fear.

Too much unbridled passion may cloud awareness for potential danger.

As balance is applied between reason and passion the result delivers a satisfying life full of the rewards accomplishment brings. Pushing the edges of the envelope at these opposing sides from time to time, seldom lingering there. The art of life is best played out exploring the shades of grey between the two extremes. Linger on either edge and quality of life can quickly be diminished, or extinguished entirely.

Isn't maintaining this balance the dynamic process that is called living?

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