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Isn't that dangerous?
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I went to see the movie Monday night. I think the typical ADV "They didn't make this movie exactly how I would have made it so it sucks" is what most people are saying in the previous comments. Which I guess shouldn't surprise me. To them I say, "GO make your own fucking movie."

The only real criticism I had was that they didn't put a tag identifying who was speaking and what their relevance was. They did that at the end of the movie, during the run of the credits, which while I understand the motivation, I think for most people it would have been a little more meaningful to identify the speakers during the actual movie. I only knew a few of them myself by sight, so someone with little or no knowledge of racing or motorcycling history would have absolutely no idea who the speakers were.

However, the fact that it was enjoyable and was about motorcycling made up for any shortcomings I may have identified.
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