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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
New Zealand, 2006 or so, and "yes". White or light colored jackets and helmets reduce incidence of multi-vehicle collision by 28%.
77% of all moto crashes are the rider's fault, another 10% or so were avoidable by rider action.
It'd be interesting to know what's different between NZ and Europe. Here there is no evidence of color effecting crashes and 70% of the multi vehicle accidents are the cager's fault.

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As for riders choosing what [not] to wear when they go riding, I'm in the camp that thinks the ones who don't wear much, don't put much serious thought into it.
It's a pitty you join into the less self-reflecting crowd that thinks "who doesn't think like me doesn't think at all".

Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
Not to mention, it can actually be more comfortable, if they get past the immediate perception, to gear up a little.
As well as it's sometimes more comfortable to leave the gear at home.
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