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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
That sounds like a riding skills issue more than a lack of gear issue.
Don't disagree.

We here on ADV are exceptional riders and never make mistakes so I'm obviously preaching to the choir but most motorcycle accidents are rider error.

Does wearing more gear lead to increased risk taking?

Most here would probably say "no, not for me". I think otherwise.

Would you run through the nicest series of twisties at the same pace if in shorts, no helmet, and no gloves as you would fully geared? Of course this question really only applies to those that have ridden on occasion without all the gear......if you've never ridden without gear you really can't honeslty answer the question. My guess is without gear we would ride a little slower, wouldn't push the corners quite so hard, would leave a little more space between the cars in front, and slow a little more when appraoching an intersection or blind curve.

If you can honestly answer your riding would not change then you are an incredibly disciplined rider and my hats off to you.

Just something to think about, agree or disagree, no worries.
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