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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
Good points. OTOH, some may think that Hi-Vis gear and conspicuity lighting or headlight modulators can make you invincible. They don't-- all they can do is even the odds a bit that those who drive with awareness will see you; to the brain-dead, you're still invisible and you should ride like you are. Situational awareness and a well-tuned Spidey Sense still helpout...

All good points Bill.

I wear a well constructed 100% canary yellow textile jacket with black leather pants in preference to a all leather outfit. Would a leather jacket provide better protection when I'm sliding down the road? No doubt. However I feel my overall safety is significantly better by trying to avoid a problem in the first place.

However sometime when its bucketing down rain and I have to get to work dry, I'll wear an old snow ski jacket and pants. If you ski in Australia you'll know why our ski gear has to be 100% waterproof. Anyhow, to the point. The ski cloths are dark blue and grey.

I certainly don't feel invincible when I wear my 100% yellow jacket, but I sure as hell feel really vunerable when I wear the dark coloured ski gear.
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