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*preface* this is the story of some sissy georgia boys freezing thier tails off & having a good time.

Now i know some of you guys have been 170mph tru blizzards in your speedo, but we're not that tuff

So here we go...

My buddy joey has been after me to go on a tuffman ride, which is a series of rides at the coldest part of the year in georgia.So maybe not that cold I've been outta town for the past 2 rides so this year i thought i'd try it.

Sunday morning i'd let my phone die so i woke up late, scrambled to get outta the house.

As i opened the door to the "basement" i looked down.

I rolled the chrome slug out, let it warm up for minute & away i went with a dirks bently song going tru my head.

"what was i thinking"

I called joey as i was running late i'd meet him near cornelia instead of where we'd planned to met. Now knowing Joey as good as i do i have no idea why i thought he'd be on time.

When they rolled up they had allready froze out & started pulling on more gear & by gear i mean walmart rainsuits & duct tape. It was amazing how quick these guys went from priates to klr riders

Poke, david & joey

Joeys holding david up while poke helps pull his rain pants on.

poke was holding joey up while david duct taped his boots till i started taking pic's.

I gotta tell ya, ya'll have no idea how much fun i was having taking these pic's
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