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Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
Does wearing more gear lead to increased risk taking? Most here would probably say "no, not for me".

Would you run through the nicest series of twisties at the same pace if in shorts, no helmet, and no gloves as you would fully geared? Of course this question really only applies to those that have ridden on occasion without all the gear......if you've never ridden without gear you really can't honeslty answer the question.
I think you may have a fundamental flaw in your question/comment. That is your assuming the only risk to the rider is a mistake in the twisties from going faster.

Anyone with half a brain will ride slower only dressed in shorts. But in the real-world this person dressed only in shorts going slower in the twisties on a public road with other traffic is actually engaging in significantly increased risk-taking behaviour. I've never put my bike down in the twisties in my life, but someone tries to kill me just about ever day in peak hour traffic.

I select and wear protective gear principally to protect me from others mistakes. That it allows me to enjoy my sport more and protect me if I make a mistake is a bonus.
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