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THanks Mang, you said how I feel. the haters.

Originally Posted by lancruza View Post
I hope the people that made this movie aren't following this thread, cause if they are, they will probably be very discouraged by all the negative comments that have been left so far.

I absolutely LOVED IT!! It's a very high quality production. Everything from the music to the camera shots was as top notch as any movie you will ever see. Very slick presentation and cinematography. I loved the FEEL of the movie. It made me want to run out and hop on my bike as soon as the movie was over. It shows a very good cross section of motorcycle riders along with good stories on how they got started riding and why they ride. A good soundtrack can be a great asset to any movie experience, if it is done properly. They nailed this! It was a great compliment to the shots they chose. The slo-mo shots help ad to the tone and feel of the movie. A great family oriented movie. I think there were 2 curse words in the entire movie. This is a great movie to show to any young future riders. I stood up and applauded at the end of the movie. I was the only one to do this at this showing, because I was at home watching this in my living room. That's right, I was standing in my living room applauding. I grabbed the remote, started the movie over and watched it again.

So, if the people who made this movie ARE reading this thread - AWESOME JOB!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to see a sequel.
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