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Originally Posted by Mikengrace View Post
I can identify with you in many ways. I have Multiple Myeloma. It is a cancer in the bones and bone marrow. I have lost 90 lbs now and 5 1/2 inches in height due to 11 collapsed vertebrae. The bone marrow makes your red and white blood cells. So a real danger for me is the inability to fight disease and becoming extremely anemic. I have had several blood transfusions like you. In the last three and one half years I have had radiation to remove legions on my spine. Kemo to fight the cancer. Stem cell transplant. None of which have worked very well. I am currently in a research trial involving being infused every two weeks with modified anti-bodies from mice. This is cutting edge and only about 50 people in the country are in the trial. The good news is that where nothing else has worked well, after about two months in this trial my numbers have turned around and seem to be improving. Now the question is, how long will this trend last? I am glad to hear your surgery went well and I will pray for your continued improvement. Yes I do ride a 2013 KLR. I have been riding all my life on almost every kind and style of motorcycle. I would like to form up the cancer fighter riders with you. The areas you suggested riding sound great as I have not ridden that area at all and I am always looking to ride new areas. Let's keep in touch and try to set something up. I am trying to establish some way for others in our situation to get in touch with riders in their area to ride with so they can ride with less concern about the dangers of riding alone. Hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless. Mike
Mike, have you ever ridden through the Clear Creek area? It's not far from Hollister and is a great place for a day ride. It takes me about two hours to get over there from Visalia. When I'm able we will get together for some rides.
Be sure to checkout the threads I mentioned, you will get a good idea of the riding we do over here in the Sierra/Sequoia area. You have been through alot, makes me feel lucky, hang in there and fight.
Wishing you well, Perry
Ps welcome to ADV, you will like it here.
Cancer Fighter Riders
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