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Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post

So you understand.... this part is to connect to an 8 gauge wire harness we will be offering.... This 8 gauge harness will take the place of the normal Battery Tender type SAE harness.... this will allow a rider/driver to connect the Micro start directly to this harness if they ever have to start the bike. This way they do not have to take off the seat or try to get clamps to the battery... just plug in and jump start. So the reason for this little adapter is so that they can connect the charger directly to the 8 gauge harness and charge the battery if needed. It just eliminates having to have an SAE harness AND our seperate 8 gauge harness.... Cleans it up a bit.

A normal SAE cable would burn up trying to jump start through it.... so we will have the 8 gauge wire and they can put this tip on the charger to charge through the 8 gauge wire.... Hope I made sense... I will try to post the harness also...
That is very slick. Is your source for those adapters capable of producing some SAE gender changers for me? I used to have a bunch of them but can no longer find a source.

I make 8 gauge heavy duty SAE jumper cables for friends of mine. And a gender changer would surely come in handy for me.
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