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Question where to go from here?

2004 950
Akrapovic exhaust
sea level

42 slows and R165/F160
stock needles @ #3, 3mm floats? 2.5-2.25 turns on fuel screws

45 slows and R172/F170 combination.
FP needles @ #3, 4mm floats, 1.5 turns on the fuel screws (flex jets)

All installed and the power increase can really be felt.
I have gained about 7 miles per hour at 5k rmps and love the sound, but having some issues.
Under full throttle it pulls hard and feels great, at lower rpms and when cruising its sluggish and inconstant. Under deceleration it pops and backfires.

Suggestions of what to try first as far as adjustments go?
I'm also interested in the glovebox mod and potato warmer when those become available.
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