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I was about 5 and it was about 1960 my mom and I were at the grocery store in Spokane. I walked out of the store to wait for mom and there was this grungy looking guy on a pan head it had ape hangers. the guy asked me if I wanted to sit on the bike. My mom kind of freaked when she came out of the store. When I was about 12 my parents had friends that had a house on Hoods Canal. The guy owned an escort service and had a bunch of police Guzzi's and Pan Head cop bikes. He gave me a couple of rides on those over the summer. they also had a couple of trail 70 and we tore it up on those.
My first year of high school all my friends had dirt bikes. I bought one a Kawi 90 and hid it from my parents at others homes. Of course I got caught sooner or later but it was too late. I had the bug. Now I have 6 bikes 2 Ducs, 2 Harleys, 1 r/90 and an xr400r. I wish I could say I was done but there are about 2 more I would like and some classics I can't afford.
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