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Originally Posted by sellmeyer View Post
Speaking about ES coverage with CK doing the voiceover....

I'm pretty sure you are right; I think I read in the Torrent forum from a few folks that it is highlights only.

My impression of the highlights is that they are doing every other highlight, skipping them outright.

I watched stage 4 and was caught off guard when they started talking about it being a marathon stage. I had no idea because this wasn't mentioned in any previous highlights. [I got to thinking that the MS was supposed to be late in the dakar but then I realized that Cyril was on a Yammi this year so it made sense that they would do it early in the race while his first engine was still]

Anyway, I am having such a hard time following this Dakar by watching only the ES highlights. Major disappointment.
ES typically does a short recap segment, then they get into the days stage highlights. They will do this for the bikes, cars and sometimes the trucks depending if they have time...

I know it's frustrating but understand they need to cut a piece together for all folks who may be watching, not just the rabid Dakar fans like us who demand only exclusive footage for 30 straight minutes!! Hence we get the recaps and their little interview segments etc... Personally I have been watching the France4 footage. It is a full hour and is in every way superior, other than I don't understand French... The visuals are stunning though!

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