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Just caught up after having to work yesterday , reading in three different points on the thread sometime gets a bit messy.

Great info from Ned and Pyndon and all you other Dakar veterans on what these guys are going through. Plenty of saving to notebook going on here

Update on Super Allan. #165

Allan Roberts FB

"It's insane! There are the top ten or so in a race as for the rest of us it's a fight, a fight for survival. Today's stage was relatively 'easy' compare to the past 4, if you call going around bends with 100 meter sheer cliffs, rocks on the road, many river crossings and of course dust. I had a good day, only hitting a rock in a creek that saw me with wet gloves after I fell but in here in Salta for a rest day tomorrow.
It has been grueling beyond belief, yesterday was madness in the desert, at one point I had a fire in the bash plate as already mentioned but managed to put it out quickly, goncalves not so lucky with his honda.
The days are long, but the bike is taking what ever I head it towards-it's strong and it will get me to the finish line as I will get her there as well.
There are some wild stories that go on out there, yesterday I came across a rider in the middle of the river bed, he'd crashed, I stopped picked him up and got his bike off the path as he got his breath and then another rider, an Argentinian crashed right there-at about 100 k's an hour, now I helped him up, he was hurt and picked his bike up, I then rode on-it's bloody tough, on stage 3 there were broken bikes and people everywhere, they are trying to break us but I will not be beaten.
Also I am a national hero if Poland. On the marathon stage overnight I gave my rear wheel to Kuba Prygonski, he is a factory KTM rider, he's running in the top ten. I was interviewed on TV in Poland, they love me! And then for the trouble KTM gave me a whole factory rim with bib moose and tire on it for the trouble, and my old one back....that's the Dakar.
Many other things to tell but it will have to wait. I appreciate the support, it helps, it gives me energy which is hard to come by out here, as you all are day by day I am willing myself to the end. "

Rest day he also said he'd had a very good sleep

Rik his mechanic working on the bike today.

and with that I'm off for a run and then load the bikes into the van for a day at the motocross track with my ten year old son and then hopefully the beach with my daughter.. (should be allowed to take the bikes to the beach eh !)

Enjoy the rest day everyone thank you so much for all your input into this amazing once a year thread
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After I read about the fall from 5 meters I looked back at some video footage and stitched this camera pan together. A little blurry because it was a fast pan.

Going over that edge at speed Chaleco is one tough hombre!

More Dakar heartbreak

Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro
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