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On our Xmas day road ride up Mt Lemmon I realized that my clutch was slipping. I hadn't noticed it on the dirt because I'd put it down to the tires spinning a bit. I put up a thread on the regional forums looking for a bit of help to change the clutch out and was lucky enough to get hooked up with MAXVERT who helped me check it out and make sure it really was burned up clutch plates before I ordered the parts. Since he lives on the north end of Tucson, we headed up to Oracle after checking out the bike. It's a few thousand feet higher than the city up there, so we got a bit chilly at night, but we found a nice spot to camp for a few days and got to do some nice rides:

First, we decided to check out the Tucson Wash ride, just to the north of Oracle. It's got some really nice scenery, but (as the name would imply) it's mostly in a dry riverbed, so it's got a lot of sand. Andie was not too happy with the soft sand and struggled a bit at first, but got better quickly as she built up the confidence to let the bike do it's own thing and to go a little faster.

Deeper than it looks:

Train trestle at the end of the wash:

Had to climb up on it:

Tucson Wash ends at the town of Mammoth. We still had quite a bit of daylight left, so we decided to head east into the Galiuro Mountains to explore a bit. We rode to where the road started to get steep and rocky and decided that we should probably turn around. Found a cool little slot canyon where we turned around.

Heading into the mountains:

Is this thing on?:

Slot canyon:

Looking downstream:

Andie's working on her motorcycle gear modelling portfolio:

All in all, it was a great day. A bit too much sand in the morning, but it was really cool to get into the Galiuros for a bit, we'll have to go back. The next day we rode up the Mt. Lemmon back road, just for another scenic drive. We turned around after 10 miles or so, as we had gotten quite a late start. Had to run into town to refill water, so got to make use of the rack:

After this I got a message from a buddy that he'd made a last minute trip to Eloy to hang out at the dropzone there. Since we were still waiting on parts for my bike we headed over there to hang out. Eloy ride report coming soon!

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