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Bing translation:

"Dropouts are more than those who had thought"

David Castera, sports director of Dakar and in charge of drawing the paths of the rally, confessed that not imagined "that were going to have some early so hard"."The Dakar is a difficult test," he said.

David Castera, director sports of Dakar and head draw the paths of the rally, had anticipated that the sixth edition of the South American would be the most difficult but not entered in its calculations, accomplished the first week, only 40 percent of competitors continue in career.

"I could not imagine that we were going to have some hard early. The truth is that it rained much and that complicated things with cuts on the way, broken roads and the other issue that complicated everything was the heat,"said Castera.

This man who once acknowledged that he feels satisfied when a pilot insults him "because that means that the stage was good", says now that the initial difficulty designed by the organizers joined him "incredible temperatures' coming in the fifth stage to range between 47 and 49 degrees.

For Castéra "Dakar is a difficult test but need balance: is not good to end with just 10 runners." We should not be selective".

"But the Dakar is a difficult test that requires physical, moto, head, many things, and keep them all. That is missing may not terminate. Same, dropouts are more than those who had thought,"added.

Castera said that during the six years the Dakar in South America, a combination of factors was present to harden the stages, not only the number of kilometers. The 2014 will be the most extensive in kilometer run rally since the competition changed continent.

In this sense, sport director stressed that in designing the route was taken into account "Interleave different types of terrain", as happened in these six stages contested.

"We are more near what we've done in Morocco, with roads with lot of stone, less rapid and more complicated, which means that the pilot will fight more, will be more time in the vehicle. All this creates more difficulties", summarized

In Chile, instead, "we are not going to have such high temperatures and when we get to Calama surely will be cooler, with 25 degrees, never more than 30, and close to the sea. They are best known land,"remarked Castéra.

As every first week, French spoke with the press to take stock of the competition, although this time the death of the pilot of motorcycles, the Belgian Eric Palante, found Friday on a road in the fifth stage race, flew over the talk.

"Always do self-critical of what could have gone wrong, what needs to be improved, because if we do not move, but for me today is not the day to do it." Perhaps for you Yes, but must await the end of the Dakar,"apologized.

However, the sports director rejected complaints about the road-book (book of roads): "is made by men and may have errors, but tends to be very tight. Checkpoints on Thursday were almost perfect but it is also very difficult for pilots to accept that they are wrong and always attributed the failure to the road-book. 10 Years ago I do this job and am accustomed,"has resigned.
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Hope no-one minds me posting this

Nine years ago we lost Fabrizio Meoni on the Dakar. Once you have seen footage of Fabrizio blasting through the desert sands on a 950 Adventure, you will never forget ....................

At the time it was not common knowledge that he was personally supporting a school in Dakar and his work has been carried on by the Fabrizo Meoni Foundation


Cyril Despres published a book covering his (at the time) 4 Dakar victories and all the profits from the book go to supporting the work started by Fabrizio - I have a copy and can strongly recommend it as an essential item for any Dakar fan's bookshelf.

The book can be purchased here

Take a look - it's for a good cause

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Sebastian Loeb checking the SMG Buggy
Team Red Bull SMG had the very special guest on the day off. ‘The Boss’ checks the insides of the buggy during the service operation. Is Loeb thinking about riding Dakar 2015 in the SMG monster? Goodness knows...
© Marcelo Maragni / Red Bull Content Pool

Carlos Sainz smokin´ through a curve
Carlos Sainz has to catch up quite a bit to end up in the top ranks, so has no chance to be gentle to the fans. Even if those had to eat some dirt from the Red Bull SMG Buggy, they for sure have a shoot to remember. Looks like our shooter Marcelo is a pro having a great shoot without getting dusty.
© Marcelo Maragni / Red Bull Content Pool

Mr. Despres has eye contact with our photographer
Former Champion Cyril Despres finished with a solid 5th on Stage 6 and is placed 11th Overall half way through the Dakar. To be back on top the Frenchman has to catch up at least 2,5 hours in the next days.
© Marcelo Maragni / Red Bull Content Pool

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Bing tranlation:

Dakar 2014, extreme: five drivers are in a Tucumán hospital

De Souza, the Frenchman Alain Germet, Spaniards are Dario July Gilbert climbed and Enric Marti Flix, and Argentina's Adrian Yacopini.

Five drivers who are participating in the Rally Dakar 2014 are hospitalized in a hospital in the Tucumán capital, various injuries suffered during the fifth leg between Chilecito, La Rioja and Tucumán.

Athletes are in the Padilla hospital and are out of danger.

One of the wounded is the Brazilian pilot Dario Julio De Souza, who competes in the moto Honda No. 37, and that should be transferred from the track of the London aerodrome, in Catamarca. De Souza suffered a cardiac arrest and a clavicle fracture. It is stable.

In addition, the Frenchman Alain Germet, driving a KTMmotorbike, suffered head trauma and cervical with loss of consciousness. In the last hours, he regained consciousness.

Another wounded is the Spanish rider Gilbert climbed, who ran with a Suzuki bike with the number 97 and is boarding school therapy internsiva.

In addition, the mendocino Adrian Yacopini, who was driving a BMW X 3, is interned and left the competition.

The other pilot boarding school is the Spanish Enric Marti Flix, which ran in a 450 EC Raid Gas Gas and the JVO Racing team

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Esta tarde, diluvio universal así que aquí me tenéis haciendo el roadbook en la habitación del camión

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So this is Enric Marti Flix of the JVO Gas Gas team suffering from heat. Shows just how bad it can be. He also has a lot of pre-existing black and blue bruising from falls? The rider helping him is Gerard Farres Guell and he is showing as a withdrawal. Why did Farres withdrawal? <-- EDIT: I see Farres listed in the Cliff Notes thread as a bike fire. Bummer.
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The rest day is part of the Dakar tradition but it is also something of a euphemism. All over the bivouac the mechanics are flat out rebuilding the bikes while the riders are kept busy sorting out their equipment, treating their blisters and bruises and doing interviews. At 14h00 the road book for tomorrow will be issued and then at 18h00 there will be the briefing. If they are lucky they might at least get an early night. And they will need it as tomorrow they will start the first day of the marathon stage at 4h30 in the morning!

Cyril Despres

"Well it hasn’t been such an easy first week for anybody. The organisers promised us a tough rally and they have more than kept that promise, with a lot of riders, including some of the very best, already out of the race. The fact that we are new team with a new bike has made the challenge even tougher and we’ve had a couple of problems that have cost us precious time and currently I’m 11th overall at 2h24 from the leader. If my analysis is correct, the second week is going to be even tougher and from my point of view that’s good news. Right now I really don’t know how far I will be able to move up the rankings but if the second week is anything like the first then pretty much anything could happen. The ‘charm’ of the Dakar is that nobody knows the result until the end of the very last stage. What I do know is that I will give everything I’ve got all the way to the end. I’m a racer - that’s the only way I know."

Michael Metge

"I’m obviously disappointed with Cyril’s position. My job is to help him, so if he’s having a hard time I feel the same emotion. One of the many things that has impressed me this week though has been his motivation and his belief in himself. He never gives up and always keeps pushing. For my part I’ve really felt the benefit of all the training I did in the months leading up to the rally. This time last year I was feeling pretty exhausted, but this year, despite the difficult of the race so far, I feel on top form and more than ready for what is to come. That for sure has had an impact on my mental state because I also feel really positive. Cyril has had an important role to play there as well. With just a few well-chosen words he helps me find the right pace and the right attitude."

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Ullevalseters bike is now retrieved and back in bivouac.
ICO's, CAP-repeater etc. seem OK.

Only front fairing missing. Probably souvenir on somebodys wall over there.

Photo by Vladimir Kusnier ( inmate "690rr" ), at present team mechanic with the Speedbrain Team.
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translation by Google:
The Portuguese biker Paulo Goncalves, world champion all-terrain, on Saturday criticized the organization of the Dakar rally, which folded by subjecting pilots to pilots extremas.Vários conditions hallucinated due to heat.

"In a day of rest in the toughest race of engines in the world, it is impossible to deviate attention from the fateful fifth stage. Heat reached unthinkable limits (47 ° C) and left marks", began by saying Paulo Gonçalves, recalling the death of Belgian Eric Pallas, suspected to have been caused by extreme heat and dehydration.

According to the Portuguese biker, unlike Pallas, other pilots asked for help to the organization, being rescued by helicopter, "almost fainting, with high temperatures."

"But after the tragedy, come the most unusual reports.'s That several drivers had hallucinations," said Gill.

According to the World Champion of all-terrain, some after issuing the alert, if protected from the heat with the clothes and waited, while others, when teams were achieved by the organization of the Dakar, "spoke and greeted the people imaginary audience ... "reveals the Lusa agency.

"The strangest case was a pilot, that the organization does not reveal the name, which ran about 500 meters. When was 'rescued' said he was running from aliens, that came to pursuing" reported.

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Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro
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