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Why is it us Americans can not get descent coverage of the Dakar? I mean it seems like every other stinking country in the world has tv broadcasting live video. I would love to get video of the race in real time and for the full length of the stages following the top riders. 5 minutes of official dakar video updates is not enough. Am I the only one who is frustrated with this problem? Since I'm on a rant could someone pleasssse tell me why we don't have any top american riders competing? I am not dissing Kurt Casseli and I wish he could be racing again. R.I.P.

I've been frustrated for years. First with the last 20+ years of piss-poor soccer coverage.
Now with the Dakar coverage. Who knows, in another 20 years they might
start covering what people want, not what the corporates want. But it probably won't start
until we have pure pay-per-view, not "blocks" of what they want us to watch.
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