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June 6, 2013

Headed out of Tecoripa and decided to just take MX – 16 to Hermosillo, then south to see my friend Rick. The mountains gradually flattened out into a desert landscape and the temps steadily climbed. It was 90 degrees by 8 am, 105 degrees by noon and got up to about 108.

There were a lot of shrines on the side of the road and these really interest me, so I have spent some time studying them on my ride. I want to do some more research on how these have evolved on my next trip. One of the more elaborate shrines in the middle of nowhere had a sweet dog laying in the shade. I gave him some water and some food and thought seriously about taking him with me, but I had no idea how I would be received with a stray dog, since there seems to be so many of them down here. I made a note to find him on my way back and figure out something. I was dreaming of bringing him home.

I stopped at a store in Hermosillo to call Rick and let him know I was coming. The pay phone was broken, so I gave the cashier a few pesos to call his cell phone. No answer, so she tried to give me my money back, but I told her to keep it.

I knew Rick’s house was a turn by the OXXO station before the turn off to San Carlos, so I stopped there and asked around. The clerks did not know exactly where his house was but a yellow dune buggy was turning down the road and the clerk ran out and waved him down. It was Freddy and it turns out Freddy know everybody, including Ricardo. Freddy led me down some dirt roads and dropped me off where I needed to go.

Rick had just rolled in from giving an estimate on some work and had called the clerk back in Hermosillo, so he knew I was on the way. It was really good to see him in person after almost 30 years and he hadn’t really changed much. Same old Rick!

More pics of my visit to Santa Clara tomorrow.

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