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Well tks to you all. Good point that I didn't state in the first post. I ride in NV and UT mostly on FS roads I don't do very much of the trail stuff at all. Too old and too slow. Out in NV you have to have 300 range to get anywhere, that's why the RR tanks. Lots of two lane pavement with towns over 70 miles apart. The 690 is just OK as a highway bike but great off road. I am riding to AK this summer. Keep your inputs coming.

I had a Husky TE610 and loved the bike when it was running... I was also looking for something with more range and comfort yet still good off road. So I ended up with a 990 ADV going on 5 years now and LOVE IT
Buy the 990 and get the suspension done right for you by super plush or some on that knows what they are doing and you will never look back!!
The 990 is simply amazing off road and with the suspension set up I can take it where I had the Husky and more! Last fall I took the long way to the rally and put about 3000 miles on in a week, no problem!

P.S. I rode the 1190R at the rally and am going to keep the 990 and buy a 690... Maybe
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