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My 2 cents: sounds from your location and riding style/intentions that a bigger twin would be more appropriate. So then, 990 or 1190?
Well I still have a 950S (4 sale) and recently got an 1190 and I prefer the 1190.
Why? Well, I know the 990 has a good bit more suds than my 950, but for me (I'm 58, and don't do that much tight single-track, either) the 1190 has this going for it-
Better fuel range-pretty well-documented
Better turning radius
Larger capacity tank ( see range above:-) )
Better comfort with an adjustable windscreen
Way better seat. Yes you can change seats with more $...
For me- a lighter more nimble feeling bike, despite clocking in as slightly heavier
Lower seat height-easier to reach the ground-I'm 6' tall-it's a reach
And finally, again just my opinion-a far more refined feeling bike, with improved engine, power, torque and most importantly- improved drive-ability. Far smoother throttle response... Out of the box.
Newer design. This may be heresy to many inmates here, but I LIKE the looks of the new bike, and it's an improvement in almost every way over the 990 unless you're a bonafide Rally Racer.

Touratech did a very nice little YouTube video comparing the 990/1190. Check it out, take both out for a test ride, then decide.
Nothing wrong with your 690- just not the best choice today to go to Alaska...
Cheers, and good luck!
Hey, they're both KTMs-you can't lose
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