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I started out with a Briggs powered mini bike at age 5, moved up to a broken down Bultaco 100 at age 8, back in 1968 (which the local farm mechanic helped me fix) That hooked me on both riding and wrenching on motorcycles, and I have had over 40 of them since, of all kinds. I quickly developed a like for cruisers in 1980, when I bought my first new street bike (a Suzuki GS450L) because of their comfort. While I raced MX as a teenager, on bikes I built/rebuilt from basically junk, and got banged up several times, I never had any desire for roadracing, or trying to ride that way on the street. While I have racked up a lot of miles, I was never a hardcore rider. Most of those miles were done on the interstate. I am also a trail rider, but as I got older, I toned it down quite a bit, as getting hurt became a lot more serious than it once was. So now I putt around town on a scooter, ride the highways on a cruiser, and go trail riding on a small displacement dual sport.
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