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My first childhood memory of bikes was at my grandparent's house in Andorra when I was about six or seven. Twice a day, a guy would go roaring past on a CB750 and I just loved it. I remember trekking round all the toy shops and department stores in Andorra with my grandparents until I found the Burago scale model of that bike.

Fast forward a bit and the next-door neighbours in the village where I grew up in Britain had bikes - the father had a CB750 with a Rickman fairing and panniers and the son had a tuned Kawasaki Z900 with clip-ons and loud exhausts. I loved hearing that Kwacker being warmed up every morning when he went off to work.

Fast forward some more. I was living in a small town in south-western France and was about to relocate to Nice to go to film school. I realised that I'd need a vehicle and as I didn't have a car (I had failed my driving test a few years earlier, mainly through lack of interest) I decided to take my motorcycle test, passed, and my parents were kind enough to buy me my first bike (a 400cc Suzuki Bandit). The rest, as the saying goes, is history...

I'd love to find a nice, cheap, red Bandit 400 - I loved that bike madly, and I still miss it.
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