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Well I made it to Ecuador. The boarder crossing was the standard paper trail, which took about four hours. I would like to thank John Duryea for his very kind donation, which brought me a month insurance, a tank of gas, a nights accommodation and food three meals. $25.00 can go a very long way down here.

Now for some pics, for I am not much of a writer. (Not that I am a much of a photographer)

On the way to Ecuador the riding is beautiful. As are the camping spots. This one was out the back of a gas station. Paid for $5.00 of fuel and got a nights accommodation added to sweeten the deal. ( Johns money got me a room with a shower, which was over due)

This views are pretty constant the whole ride. I don't think I averaged over 40kmh, was missing the mighty Honda CT110 on this part of the ride. Those bikes love to force one to take in the beauty. For it is all to easy to get caught up in getting somewhere and missing all what is in front off you in this fast moving world.

Many water falls doted the road.

Along with many mud slides and traffic jams. Was so glad I was not in a car.

More green. Lets chop it all down,and concrete it, under the cover of progress.

The mighty XT. Taking anything put in front of it. Stay tuned small bike fans. More to follow! I just can't spend all day in front of a screen, as there is a beautiful world out there to explore.
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