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Haters gonna hate. Simple as that.

Group mentalities are interesting.

The HOG groups tend to be a snobby bunch, but not the HD ones, if you can understand the difference.

The MOA crowd seems to a have a fair sized contingent with a sense of entitlement, but that being said my guess is that they're only 20% of that bunch. They're the ones decked out in the shiny new everything from the BMW catalog it seems, so easy to spot. The Airheads not so, they're your friend right away because you might have that piece of wire they need to 'borrow' to get home...

The Moto Guzzi crowd, now there's a bunch of nutters. Mostly old school riders, been there, done that. As an overall group, the most unassuming of the lot. Will have that piece of wire the Airheads need...

Had incidents, sure. Had good training in my old line of work that really helped me to keep the situations peaceful until I could make my exit. As was said: Assholes can be anywhere. But they are the minority.
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