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46. Work, that's still a thing right?

Been working in Antigua now for about a week for OX Expeditions. Currently waiting for a camera that I ordered to show up at my buddy Kosh's place in Seattle so he can ship me the package down here with some other goodies I ordered. I thought I had been waiting for quite a bit for Canon to ship it out to him so I called, turns out the order fell through for some reason and they just never told me, now for the second time. Called my bank and nothings weird with my card. Seemed odd but I got a hold of them in person via phone yesterday and ordered it again, now for the 3rd time, if it goes through I'll know tomorrow night when I get the confirmation. Meanwhile the other items are sitting at Kosh's place ready to ship down here.

In the meantime I'm hanging out in Antigua and working. I feel like I should say it's weird having something a dialy basis similar to a job again, but honestly it's really not. Maybe it's because I'm enjoying this one right now. They got a lot going on here at OX it seems like. With running a fairly serious outdoor adventure company and having just opened their new hostel a month or so ago there's always something to do, or projects/ideas that they are working towards making realities. Active crowed, cool group to work with. I'm mostly trying to build them an access database to streamline of all their bookings, reservations, etc. Other than that I'm slanging drinks in the hostel at night when necessary and helping people get booked in/checked out to their trips and rooms. Since I'm working for them my accommodation and breakfast is free. I eat out for lunch every day but cook most of my own dinners to save money. On average I'm spending 25-30 Q a day (~ $3-5), if I'm out grabbing drinks still no more than $10 per day tops. This is good for the monies.

One of the volcanoes has been abnormally active this week so there's been some cool lightning storms above it when it spews out it's ash. Yesterday the same one was flowing lava around both sides of the surrounding pueblo and they evacuated. I heard it's the most active volcano in central america. OX is one of the companies that is professional enough to do treks up there and the guides said you could look down at the flow as it approached a small pueblo and watch as the lights in the houses went out. Little quakes are common, after that is when the volcanoes get active.

Back to "work" I still know how to do this??
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