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Vietnam Costs...

Originally Posted by ShaftyNZ View Post
Hi Solo Rider, I'm really enjoying your RR and excellent photos and vids!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventures

'Nam is close to the top of our list, in fact if my Wife hasn't broken her heel driving Trucks in Texas recently, we may have been there now!

For that reason I'm especially interested in the info on costs which you include - certainly great value, - I loved the double oil change for 9 bucks!

Do you mind me asking the cost to hire the bikes?

Many thanks

New Zealand

Hey Shafty, thanks for the shout-out.

I plan to do a full costs overview at the end of this RR - hopefully I'll have enough steam to pull that off. (Bikes, hotels, food, tours, fuel etc.)

As for the bikes, we decided to go with Flamingo Travel out of Hanoi (they also have an office in HCMC) and they were great to work with all in all. I set it all up in advance in order to spend less time dealing with that stuff thus getting on the road faster.

Quick cost breakdown on the bikes:

2013 Honda XR 150cc was $25/day @ 23 days - 15% (long term rental) = $488.75 ($21.25 per day)

2010 Honda Future X 125cc was $12/day @ 23 days - 15% = $234.60 ($10 per day)

A lot of places will rent you bikes for as low as $7-10/day and I'm sure even lower here and there if you searched hard. Another option is to buy bikes, typically 100cc Honda Win or Chinese knock-off version or Russian Minsks for in and around $200-$400 for a used one in various shapes and then sell it at the end of the trip.

We chose to rent newer bikes for peace of mind and then not to have to deal with the selling of the bikes later on - just our choice. Also, Flamingo Travel was always a 'call away' for emergencies as they also gave us a pre-paid cell phone for the trip just in case (never used it).

Also, you can rent Honda Baja 250cc or something similar for anywhere from $30-$50/day (at the end of the trip, I saw Flamingo had a really sweet brand new XR 250 in Hanoi!) It would have been nice to have had a couple extra horseys 'CCs' from time to time, but to be honest, my 150cc and my Gal's 125cc were perfectly suitable for Vietnam. Also, the 'run of the mill' 125s are easier to get fixed and have regular sized tires for Vietnam whereas my XR had unique sized tires which would have been more challenging to get tubes/tires if needed (luckily we only had x1 flat the entire trip and it wasn't on my bike story to follow in upcoming days... )

It is all a matter of preference and choice with what you want to ride and how much you want to spend etc.

As mentioned, I'll complete a more detailed cost breakdown at the end.

Cheers, hope this helps...
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