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foggyred reply

Originally Posted by foggyred View Post
hey ty
do you take pictures and make notes whilst out on a ride then do the report when you get back? or do you do the report whilst out on the ride?
the reason im asking is because me and two mates are shipping our bikes from nz to oz in march to start a ride on april the 14th doing the lap of oz, I want to do a ride report and was wondering the best way to do it?
many thanks steve
G'day Steve,

Awesome to hear your got an adventure planned! I am genuinely excited for youse! You never know we might bump into each other out on the trail. It's a big country, but a small world if you know what I mean...

With my sea going five week on and five week off work roster I usually do my ride report at the end of my five weeks off or as soon as possible during my time at work on the ship when we are in reception range/port. I'll explain why and how.

All my shots are done with my iPhone or GoPro. I would love to use an SLR camera or use better equipment but as you know, on a bike, space and weight are at a premium. I admire crew that sacrifice other "necessities" for the sake of capturing far clearer, better quality footage with extra photographic equipment.

In the evenings, usually in my swag relaxing, I will sync my photos to iPad (sorry I sound like some computer geek) and go through all the shots keeping and deleting as I see fit. Many times I take multiple shots to make sure I get at least one good one. Humidity, dust, movement etc will wreck many photos and it's hard to realize at times through a small viewing screen with all your riding gear on... The iPad I find is just better to view your shots with and discriminate which are keepers.

I guess I am lucky in one respect while traveling alone and not in a particular rush, it doesn't bother me to stop whenever to take photos. Early in my ride I missed several amazing photo opportunities from hesitating about whether to stop or not. I curse myself with a few once in a lifetime chances I missed!

Both my iPad and iPhone are in those "Lifeproof" covers and I will happily testify they wouldn't have lasted very long without them while beating around the countryside.

So once I stop my riding, clean and service my bike and gear ready for the return to work, I get stuck into to doing the Ride Report. Fortunately the apple equipment and I believe others these days have a GPS (geocaching?) feature that helps me to no end in remembering when and where I was as I took the photos. Without it I would be doing a lot of scratching my head whilst looking at my map wondering "Where the hell was....?"

As I ride, the thoughts and experiences come thick and fast. These all seem to come back to me later once I sit down armed with the photos and keyboard, then the story flows...

I found in many cases where I stop for the night in the outback the phone/internet reception is rare so doing the report is out of the question. Mostly though I'm that worn out after 10 hours hanging onto the bike, just sorting the photos at the end of the day is a battle in itself!

It depends on how long you leave it before you start writing the report, but I am pretty sure with the awesome memories you will no doubt make, you shouldn't have too much trouble remembering them!

You're going to have a ball!


Ty 😉
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