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I've learnt two things recently;

1 - When not balanced for cruise revs, they give big vibes to the bike. Though it feels powerful, it is unpleasant. It takes really fine adjustment to make a difference. When balanced, it's very smooth and strong.

2 - Going for a quick swim, even though I turned the engine off before we went under, had filter skins on and had the bike up in seconds, water is going to go down those two big drains.

The hole is behind

That's thigh deep, I cross rutted and couldn't keep it up

There's a dam down there. Front vales were open. I was on my own. Used the centre stand to tip the bike upside down to get the water out the carbs and exhausts.

Once I'd cranked the water out with plugs out and dried as much as I could, I tried starting it. My Lithium battery fused itself after about 20 seconds and left me stranded. Nothing for it but to call a freind and get on with drying my clothes

The cretin - Ultrabatt

Keeping horse flies and the sun at bay

That all men have buddies like mine, pitches with spare battery and cold beer

Aaaaan we're outta here.

Oil filter was swollen but oil wasn't milky, two oil changes later and my beast was back.

One of the few times, I missed my airbox
I often wonder where that road goes? And that, has usually made all the difference. Appologies to Mr Frost
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