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Installing BMW Navigator V GPS on KTM 1190

I bought an 1190 R last week and wanted to mount a new BMW Navigator V GPS to it. I purchased the Nav V because I get a good discount from a local BMW dealer and I like the GPS: itís got the functions I want off-road and a four-button cradle thatís easy to use when riding.

Since the 1190 R and Nav V is a new combo, I thought Iíd share how I put it together. I did the installation last night and itís working really well.

The Nav Vís cradle has a split cable with two sockets at the end: a plug for power and one to plug in to a 2014 BMW GS or RT, so that the GPS can use the controller on the handle bars (which Iíve gotta admit is pretty cool!) The controller cable wonít work on the 1190 and the cradleís power connector isnít compatible with the KTMís accessory power connector.

Fortunately, BMW sells a cable with a female plug one end and bare wires on the other end. It is BMW part number 83 30 0 413 586 and looks like this (the yellow cable on the left; there's another view of it here):

Three wires come into the back of this connector, arranged in a triangular pattern (i.e,. the outer two wires come into the connector at the same level, while the middle one is slightly higher). The wires are all the same color but if youíre looking at the back of the connector, with the top of the ďtriangleĒ pointed up, the outer cable on the right is ground, the outer cable on the left is power and the middle cable is unused.

The KTMís accessory cable uses blue (eight gauge) spade connectors, so I crimped two of these onto the ends of the BMW cable.

The 1190ís accessory power is a little tricky to find: itís located under the cigarette adapter to the left of the instruments. Iíve read on Adv about some people removing a bunch of panels to get to the accessory power area but I found that this wasnít necessary. I used a small telescoping mirror to get a good look at the underside of the accessory area and found that there was a gap small enough to get my fingers into (and it seems like the gap is designed to do this). I was able to pull out the two pairs of accessory cables.

The pairs are labelled ACC1 and ACC2. ACC1 supplies power constantly and ACC2 is keyed to the ignition. I plugged the spade connectors from my BMW cable into ACC2 and the GPS powered up successfully when I turned the ignition on. Here's how it looked before I finished the wiring; the BMW connector is at the bottom of the picture, attached to the yellow cable.

To mount the GPS to the bike, I used three RAM products:
  • Plate and 1Ē ball that attaches to back of the Navigator V cradle (RAM-B-347U)
  • One inch long arm with ball sockets on each end (RAM-B-201U-A)
  • Handlebar clamp base that replaces one of the bolts on the handlebars with a bolt that has a 1Ē ball on the top. (RAM-B-367U) And, if youíre getting all picky, the repair manual says the handlebar bolt should be torqued to 20 NM.

Iíve used this setup on another bike and it works really well, keeping the GPS out of the way while still being visible. Oh, one annoying thing is that the RAM plate for the GPS cradle doesnít come with any connecting bolts. Fortunately, I had this already from another project; if I figure out the right RAM part number for the bolt set, Iíll update this post.

Lastly, I zip tied all the wiring and gently pushed the whole coil back through the gap and into the space under the cigarette lighter. It fit without any problems but I also shortened the yellow BMW cable or even just used the cradle's built in connector and cut off the BMW connector, replacing it with spade connectors. However, I wanted to keep the cradle intact and the approach I took worked ok.

I hope someone finds these instructions useful; hereís the final result:

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