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I think I'm the only one on here that's actually tried all three on the SER: CV's, FCR's and fuel injection... and I can say without exception that FI is an enormous step up from either of the carb solutions. Responsiveness is the biggest performance gain, but ease of starting and increased power are also significant. As for fuel mileage, any changes are insignificant...

I have tried on my two ADVs: OEM airbox and CVs, open foam filter with CVs, open pleated cotton filters with foam prefilters on FCRs, 990 EFI on 950 engine. So far the EFI is pretty awesome in comparison to all other. I would say that _SO FAR_ (I just got it running recently, ~1000 miles on the build), hands down the EFI works the best in all conditions. Cold starts, hot starts, overall performance (this thing hauls A$$) the EFI setup that I have on my 950 ADV (from a 07 990 ADV) works the best. The FCRs were similar in performance, but cold starts could be a absolute PITA. Elevation changes with the EFI are seamless, anything else and especially the FCRs was fiddle town.

I know that EFI can be made to be near 100% reliable for harsh conditions, it just takes attention to detail in areas that would otherwise cause it to fail.
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