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Thanks K

Can you tell me what the difference is between the SM and Adv looms?
There doesn't seem to be that much difference in equipt between the 2 bikes
The harnesses are fairly different in where the fuse box sits and other factors, like the SM does (at least in the US) not have a tach, couple other things like where the start motor solenoid is located, voltage Reg/Rec as well as the addition of the EFI plug (different than the carb'd bikes) and the O2 sensor plugs.... Oh, and there is a absolute pressure sensor that sits up in the headlight area on the 990ADV, not sure where it would be on the 990SM.

To peal out the harness like PC did, you will also be eliminating the 'nanny' features with all the which would IMO be a very good thing..... but will require doing a bit of reverse engineering to determine what signals the ECM is anticipating from where and 'faking it out' so it does not throw fault codes.
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