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Originally Posted by PatSmith View Post
Thank you so much. I took my BMW Nav IV of my GSA and want to put it on my 1190 but assumed the wiring was going to be a problem.
Do you recall if the connector that you bought has round pins of flat connectors. My Nav wiring harness has round pins.
The BMW connector I purchased - the one with the three yellow wires - is a female connector with square connectors for the small pins in the Navigator V's cradle cable.

Here's a close up picture of that cable, courtesy of Schtum, who responded to me in another thread on the same subject:

Can you post a picture of the cable on the Nav IV's cradle? Does it look like this?

I'd thought the cradles were the same between the Nav IV and Nav V but it looks like maybe they are not. A BMW dealer should be able to help; all you need is a cable that has a female connector for the Nav IV on one end and bare wires on the other.
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