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I missed that there's an inmate discount when I placed my order. I'll definitely remember next time!

I installed a pair of M60s + dimmer on my F650GS over the weekend and while I've tried the lights out twice at night, I'm impressed both with the increased visibility other road users have of me, and how much brighter these lights are at night when on high. It's difficult to say exactly, but they seem to be twice as bright as the puny OEM high beam, and that's with the M60s still pointing to the ground a bit.

Anyway, I have a question - with the dimmer set to anything other than the lowest setting, off, or full, one of my lights makes an audible high pitched humming noise. The dimmer I bought is the "Rotary LED Dimmer with High Beam Bypass". Is this to be expected?
Hi sanjoh; when you have a sec can you pls take a look at this?
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