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Originally Posted by Ocky View Post
Something that has always been a problem for me is riding over gravel covered asphalt. Where I live doesn't snow a lot but a couple weeks ago it did and there is still significant gravel covering less traveled roads. I have had a couple unfortunate experiences going through a turn and having my rear tire slip(this is after I have already slowed down and am going 20mph or less).

Apparently increasing the traction of 4 wheeled vehicles for a couple days is an Ok trade off for making the roads hazardous for 2 wheeled vehicles for a month or more.
The head of our town's highway department (in N.H. their title is "Road Agent") explains that the possibility of a traction related accident has his department laying down LOTS of sand and salt. They do sweep the roads once it looks like winter is finally over.

But on a MC especially with a heavier bike- IF POSSIBLE- I try to stand it up to very near vertical and let up partially, if not fully, on the brakes and glide through the crap....providing the gravel section is short and I can still get through the corner after that.

Barring that, some lean angle might be OK and the rear might hang out a bit but stay off that front brake as much as possible until the gravel/sand ends. Front end lockup is NOT your friend.
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