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Here's a November sunset...2013...

LOL yes it has been a while since I posted in my thread ..

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas....
And a start to a great New Year...
WOW can you believe it's 2014 !! I know I can't

I turned another year older.. Wiser well that's still up for grabs...

The weather last week was a doozie ;we hit -8* ..That is not a typo...

HB's BD is coming up And I know he has been wanting to replace his 30 yr.old Moose hide moccasins ,that I had repaired a few times..

So his surprize is a new pair that made ..
Took about a week on and off... To make ..I really didn't have a pattern.. Just his old ones as references..

My old 1901 treadle was able to do some of the sewing,the heel box I did by hand with seniew.. And hand whip stitch the foot box...
I had American Bison hide layang around and used that for the body of the moc...

I sure hope they fit him..As this was the first time I have ever made anything like this... I think they came out OK ....

I sure hope he likes them....

I will get my RR's from 2013 up..
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