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The journey started quite funny.

BMW does not break!

Thatís why Iím quietly stuck at traffic lights just near Moscow.
Friends towed me to the house where I could hide from the rain and start active searching for spare parts.
Despite weekend we were able to find it.

I spent Sunday evening at the usual place Ė Pateís garage.

With special tool to repair BMW

Youíll need old puller from Volga car and the bar, or rather plates from it, to repair a starter.
Using carbide drill bits youíll easily make a device to disassemble the mating parts.

Coupling and gear often fail after 50000km on G650X
You need to change both of the details!

Next day I was rushing toward adventure clearing visor from incomprehensible mixture of water, sand, unburned hydrocarbons and insects.

Thoroughly dented by hail and rain, I moved towards Naberezhnye Chelny and in a couple of hours managed to escape from bad weather.

But now the engine began to boil at speeds over 105 km \ h.
I removed the thermostat before the trip and it was OK
during test rides but not now.

And GPS navigator prompted to use non-existent roads,
cross the river without a bridge and go through 30 years windbreak.

I dined in the pale blink of a lone cosmic body.

I could not even reach to Perm for the hole day, it was quite insulting.
I spent the night in a motel and in the morning I tried to soak radiator with
washing foam Ė it did not help. Right up to the Tyumen I had to comply 100 km \ h
limit very carefully and taking into account THE ETERNAL ROAD REPAIR and solid markup, the average speed sought to the speed of a bicycle.

Tyumen suburbs

Friends gave me food and drink and allowed to disassemble the bike right in the car wash.

I had to install the thermostat and flush the radiator.

From Tyumen to Omsk it was nothing to remember, just drove with ass rubbed.

Just in 2 km from the gas station I was out of fuel. It was raining.
There were wetlands and dead trees around me and everything was grave gray.

I raise my hand. The Fifth or sixth car is stopping. Red.
Husband and wife, friendly. I explain the situation.
I give them a bottle with a wide neck. Specially prepared Nestle tea bottle!
They return in 10 minutes. The driver comes with an empty bottle.
I donít understand. His wife opens passenger door and go out with 10 liter bucket of gasoline.
We transfuse the fuel, talk about life. Then we burn the bucket to prevent gas smell, shake hands and depart.
So strange sketch of a road life.

You canít come to Altai not get in the rain. But thereís a rainbow.

And even more

The asphalt part of Chuyskiy Trakt

Sunset beams, fog over the river Katun

I came, docked. Pressure-equalizing process

We arrived to a tenderloin resort.

АААаааААААаааа ААААААаааАааа

We courageously retreated from this realm of barbecue, booze and prison chanson.* Something a little bit different beckoned us.

Visiting iconic waterfall. The entrance fee is 10 rubles.

The builder, who is also the caretaker of the waterfall, came with the noise of the engines to talk with us.

Asphalt is finished, now continue to the Pampas*

We were carried away with riding and missed the time of the camping. It was rapidly getting dark.

The search for a clearing was lingering.

And the depth of fords was increasing.

We zigzagged around fields and crevices looking for place with wood and water.

As a result, we stopped straight on the road.

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