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Originally Posted by bump View Post
rally style events have been tried in Baja and the US with cars and for bikes and they never work
Actually, Baja Rally was quite a success, especially for it's first year. And the NORRA rally is growing by leaps and bounds. Interest in rally is growing in the States, and across North America. And with increasing pavement in Baja, rally format with liaison sections is the future.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
I don't hear anyone talking about doing a rally instead of the 1000.
You're hanging out in sheltered circles. In my world it's the exact opposite.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
I'd like to see more rally's (I've done a few and they were fun) and more interest in that here in the USA but I don't see any facts or trends to suggest that is more than my wish.
There are several rally oriented businesses and numerous new products that have sprung up in the States just in the past couple of years, not to mention the new rally events just over the border. It's still small, but the trend is definitely up.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
There are plenty of competent guys on here with well equipped rally style bikes but are they gonna risk totaling that in Mexico for a rally story?
What? Who were the nearly 40 competitors racing the Baja Rally, and on what bikes? Who are the guys on full-blown Dakar style rally bikes racing the Mexican 1000 rally for the past several years? Who are the people entering the Diabolico Rally?

Maybe you can check out one of the mentioned events and see what's actually happening in rally.
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