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Originally Posted by JoeMongo View Post
After looking through all the TuneECU maps and files that I can find, there appears to only be two custom maps that are out there in the interweb that have been developed for an open intake like a Rottweiler. The most widely distributed tune is based on moto-treks map set for his newish 990 (2011/12).

This set of maps has been partially copied into other tunes for different version 990s, such as my version: 2007/2008. I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that the F and L maps are copied from his tune into a 2007/08 tune, but the F-L switch settings and the 2nd butterfly map is not. I suspect that his maps may have been created with his second butterflies working as shown in his tune. This probably also applies to the F-L settings. His maps are found in different TuneECU tunes at a few different places on the web.

The second set of custom maps created for an open intake is the Power-Tripp maps. They are (for the most part) richer than the moto-treks maps, and are also created for newer 990s (2009/10) so they have to be cut and pasted into a 2007/08 tune for appropriate ignition advance.

Perhaps it would be better to just paste 2008 ignition maps into either of their tunes in order to keep all of their dyno-tune developed fuel/air maps together:
F maps
L maps
2nd Throttle
F-L Switch
(I am neglecting the low octane fuel map as this post is a bit too detailed and complicated already)

Otherwise, I have to copy and paste a lot of different tables and settings, oh well.

I haven't found any other custom map sets or tunes out there other than these two, but others may exist. I just haven't found them yet. I also haven't found any tunes that are based on edited copies of Power-Tripp's tune, like I have for moto-treks' tune. There may be some of those out there someplace as well. There may be a few places on the internet that I haven't visited yet. I better get back to looking around as soon as I finish writing this post.

After another excessively long discussion, here is a single question:
Is it really OK to separate out the F and/or L map from a tune and use it without the 2nd Throttle butterfly map and F-L Switch settings that it was developed with? Some of these versions of moto-treks' tune that are distributed on the web have significantly different F-L settings and 2nd butterfly map than his original tune.

FWIW, my 990 is now tolerable to ride with just such a tune loaded, where before I was almost not comfortable lanesplitting stop-n-go traffic on the freeways here in Congestedfreewaylifornia. It's not safe to ride in this traffic without splitting lanes, so it takes a lot for me to say that.

Now my 990 is working pretty well, but is still a bit of a wild beast between 2500 and 4500 rpm. I am thinking that I will finish integrating both of their complete map sets into 2007/08 tunes, try them out and take whichever I like best to my future dyno-tuner.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks even more if you have any answers or even just further related comments. You may return to your funny cat videos and epic-fail compilation videos now.
IMO the biggest issue with pasting F &/or L maps from an '09+ into an '07-08 is that these newer bikes run different camshafts (From the '07+ super duke if my info is correct). Rich is safer than lean, and the CPR and Power Tripp maps are richer than the '07-08 akra map, but my bike didn't run well with those values pasted into an '07 map.

I just had my '07 dyno tuned (with TuneECU/dyno/gas analyzer) and the tuner told me that the bike with the '07-08 akra map, leo vince slip on with baffles, an SW7 intake, and SAS/SAI removed, was lean at high RPM. I picked up 10hp over the Akra map once tuned and the bike runs smoother, better mileage, and runs up to redline much harder and with a less buzzy feeling.

I have a TuneECU cable and downloaded the map to my laptop last weekend to see what it looks like. PM me if interested in details!! I'm in San Francisco and happy to share experiences getting these '07-08 bike running right.

As a side note, I sure wish there was a Power-Tripp map for these early FI bikes - he seems to have spent the most time of any of the known tuners thoroughly developing F, L, and I map updates for the newer bikes, and he uses a more advanced dyno with a brake. But oh well - it was a bit of a pain and $$ but my bike runs decent now.

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