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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
Be aware that you are likely to find gravel and sand and ride accordingly.

This. Learn what it looks like, where it accumulates, and how to avoid it.

They liberally cover the roads with red sand here anytime it snows. It is left everywhere and it is extremely slippery. I've even had cages slide around the stuff when it's piled deep enough.

I find, however, that it only takes a few days for traffic to clear most of it off. I have to adjust my cornering lines to stay in the "tire track" on sweepers and try not to ride on the parts of pavement that car tires don't normally hit, as this as where the sand will be.

I've drifted the rear tire several times on the stuff. I hate it. I've found that if the rear tire goes out under throttle, just holding the throttle steady until you're through it is the best course of action. Chopping the throttle could result in an uncontrolled slide.
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