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Originally Posted by theofam View Post
Sean, it's Sean (from the Haines-Skagway ferry a couple summers ago).

I've finally caught up on your trip. For a scientist, your ability to capture your experiences and observations in words would make your English teachers and professors proud! Very nicely done.

I'm finding I prefer your ride report over others because of your lack of timeline. It is certainly availing you to some kick-ass experiences and people!

Gimme some background on the amount of Spanish you had prior to taking the trip. I'm trying, unsuccessfully thusfar, to plant the seed that once my stay-at-home dad gig runs out in four years that I'll take six months to ride south before joining the working masses again. If she takes the hook, I'll need to get on the espagnol post haste. I think my current knowledge of "No fumar espagnol" wouldn't cut it!
Hey Sean, good to here from you. The lack of timeline has definitely been a positive. Looking at my bank account tells me I'm going to be getting creative to make that timeline last as long as possible. Maybe I'll join a motorcycle gang, or get into the cartel business

Background story on my spanish, welp, honestly there isn't much of a sotry. I did some Duolingo (which is a GREAT resource) before I left on my spare time, but I didn't do much. The sciencey sponge of mine doesn't suck up language very well unless it's thrown into a full ocean of the stuff, barely speak clear anghelish as it is. So I basically started learning when I crossed into Mexico. I don't have the money to spend on classes so I take 'street classes' instead. I eat with locals and hang out with other people who only speak Spanish. I'll stop and talk with an old lady in a park for a while, ask about politics, culture, etc and tell them I'm learning so they'll correct me when I say stuff wrong. In the end though the most important ingredient for me has just been 'intent', a genuine desire to be able to speak with the people. I'm sure you already have this, so whenever or wherever you start the learning process I'm sure you'll be just fine.

So the countdown to the trip begins . Maybe you can get your wife to listen to spanish audio tapes while she's sleeping, then you can slip in your own recordings onto the tapes and convince her that you going for a ride down south is the right thing...."Sean going on a motorcycle trip is a goooood idea. He'll have sooooo much fun. It'll be perfect after the kids are out of the house. You'll have soooo much fun with the girls while he's gone..." etc etc
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