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I hope you are correct.

I don't have anything against the rallies. In fact I've offered twice to travel to Baja on my own dime and help the Baja Rally with whatever they need.

I underlined "instead" because that was my point. After living in NorCal for several years I saw there is huge interest in Rally up there and beyond. But I have not seen any interest in hard core Score class 22 people in any rally as a substitute for the 1000. Do I know everyone? No. But do I really need to qualify every sentence with disclaimers about it being my opinion and I'm not an omniscient being? And NorCal and the rest of the country does not have the same history with desert racing that we have here and that is the core of Score.

Yes, I am aware there are a great many entrepreneurs out there making and selling rally oriented gear. Will that translate into successful rally events? That seems like a leap and bound the facts do not support. I also think the riding style in SoCal is different than the rest of the country and I don't see that as a good fit for Rally.

And again, Rally is expensive. There has been alot of writing about how modern four strokes are killing offroad racing because of the increased expense. Well, how much expense does all that rally stuff add? Another 50%? Plus we have no farm team structure to groom promising athletes for rally moto either and I don't see anyone talking about setting that up.

As Dean has said repeatedly, Dakar is a French reality series with a race as the backdrop. And Americans already have Nascar for that.

Sure the sales of Rally type Subarus have been great for Subaru. How many of those people have signed up for Rally racing?

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Actually, Baja Rally was quite a success, especially for it's first year. And the NORRA rally is growing by leaps and bounds. Interest in rally is growing in the States, and across North America. And with increasing pavement in Baja, rally format with liaison sections is the future.

You're hanging out in sheltered circles. In my world it's the exact opposite.

There are several rally oriented businesses and numerous new products that have sprung up in the States just in the past couple of years, not to mention the new rally events just over the border. It's still small, but the trend is definitely up.

What? Who were the nearly 40 competitors racing the Baja Rally, and on what bikes? Who are the guys on full-blown Dakar style rally bikes racing the Mexican 1000 rally for the past several years? Who are the people entering the Diabolico Rally?

Maybe you can check out one of the mentioned events and see what's actually happening in rally.
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