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OK, re: the fault code that popped-up after I did the canisterectomy .... It appears I actually had two fault codes. The one for the Canisterectomy is now gone and was probably caused by me leaving the PCV electrically disconnected. I reconnected the electrics to the valve and it has gone now. Canister gone and lots of room for stuff in the tail where the canister used to be and no risk of filling the canister with gas if I drop the bike (which would result in not being able to start the bike).... Thank you for the input!
But...... now the other problem.... I pressed the horn button for the first time (Wow! what a wimpy sound!) .... the horn would not switch off! I turned the key off.... still the horn blows! I had to take the windshield off, the light out and disconnect the horn. Weird thing is that it won't shut off even if you turn the ignition off.... the horn was not wired to work unless the ignition is on. But it now will sound constantly regardless if the ignition is off or on! I disconnected the wires to the horn, but I get a general fault code. Yikes!! That is sooo weird that the horn won't turn off even if the key is turned off!
Can I reset it? Any ideas?
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