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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
That has been JCR's mode of operation for some time actually. Think back on who USED to ride for them that suddenly wasn't anymore.
Great point and duly noted. I am still surprised though.
Mikey Childress got cut before there were emailed PR blasts. Henge was odd man out at the onset of JCR and posed an immediate threat in the '08 SF 250. A year later Bell got snipped and took the 1x plate back to Sun City. Norman got axed and posed a MINOR THREAT. Quinn departed and posed a threat to 1x as KTM upped the "ante".

But as JC effectively departs from "SCORE" BAJA RACING entirely, I would suspect he'd give his displaced warriors a little reach-around in the gosh darn press release. Just sprayin.
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