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Originally Posted by theofam View Post
You've got me cracking up! I like the subliminal messaging with night-time audio tapes - good thinking!

I flubbed up not long after I saw you. I started Italian lessons for a trip we took last summer. . . and I continue to take them. There aren't too many Italian-speaking countries other than, well, Italy....

....I forgot to tell Kosh, "hi," in my previous message, as I imagine he's following along, too. What a nice dude to assemble the box of goodies he's sending your way!
Ah you'll be set then, Italian is a classical language right? The structure etc is very similar to spanish, so you actually just placed yourself on a nice launching pad for learning spanish. Look at that, the cards are aligning nicely for a trip

Kosh is clutch, always has been. Can't imagine the shit we'd be up to if he was down here riding, looking forward to our next ride together for sure .
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