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Thanks for explaining that Scott. I think a few folks have been hesitant about the navigation being to hard or tricky, especially in the dunes. I think this post clears that up. I like how you're planning a nice ramp with easier stuff early on. Plus it's always nice to remember you can race every day, even if you have to bail out on a stage.

Also remember that there will be a short "official" nav session as part of registration on Tuesday afternoon. We'll go over the GPS "system" there too. The purpose of the waypoints is to ensure that you stay on course and don't get lost. It's a benefit.

Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
We have a "system" that will allow you to confirm that you have reached a roadbook "waypoint" in the dunes. Once the "system" indicates you have arrived, you can adjust your odometer to the correct km to match the roadbook at that point. We will explain the very simple "system" a day or two before the race.

Like Dakar WPM's, you have to get close (like maybe a kilometer or a few hundred meters) before you'll know exactly where the point is. In many cases you'll know where it is before you can even see the location. There's no need for any flag or physical item there, though we MIGHT put flags at SOME of those points just to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. And we'll load a couple of true waypoints into your GPS so you can find your way out and back onto the course in case you get totally lost.

I know this is a bit vague. It all sounds trickier than it actually is. You've experienced enough of my roadbooks to know I try to create interesting challenges that give you maximum satisfaction at the end of the day.

This rally should be possible for a near beginner navigator who rides fairly well, yet challenging for the experts at top speed. Stage 1 is short and simple so everyone can get it figured out before getting into the monster dunes and long days. And the first 100 miles of Stage 2 has relatively simple navigation, so again, you're not thrown into the tougher stuff until you're well warmed up.
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