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Originally Posted by xTomKx View Post
Can somebody tell me what causes the random hiccups that my 990 is experiencing? They seem out of the blue and difficult to repeat. Also, I'm running powertrip akra map and it seems that it deteriorates over time. Sort of like it's getting leaner over time. I reloaded the map then went on a 3 hour ride last weekend. Bike ran decent on the first half and then went to crap. Was getting lots of hiccups on the way home.

Mods are sw7 intake, custom aftermarket exhaust, sai removed,

still has the canisters in place
Tps set correct, throttle bodies balanced?
When you reload a map some value's are reset, a 15 min idle relearns those value's but when you start driving those value's are reviewed and adapted by the ecu overtime. So that can explain why it first runs "ok" and after a while nok
Make sure everything is set ok.
'10 990SMT
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