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Originally Posted by Calkins View Post
I posted this in the Old's Cool - 2 Smokers section, but I think I can get more help here.

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The past few years I have been slowly trying to get a flat tracker together. I had a TT500, was ready to race (I think), and had an offer to sell. Recently, I bought back my old pile of spare TT/XT parts, thinking I would going to build another one. But, an old family friend of mine wants to help me put a two smoke together. He was a Yamaha mechanic back in the '70's and '80's, and that is what he would like me to build.

So, this is what I would like to do. There is a "local" series, the Classic Flat Track National Championship Series (, that has a few half mile races a year. Usually, two are held here in Iowa, Davenport and Knoxville. I want to run the V250/360 class. Back in the day (1973 to 1976) that meant 250cc two stroke twins, 360cc two stroke singles, and 360cc four stroke singles and twins. From what I have seen, the Honda XL350 owns the class. I have not seen many smokers. For me that is great, because I would rather be unique.

So, what I am questing for is technical information. I would like to put together a RD250 and a DT/RT/YZ360 powered Champion. Which engine/year/model, for each, was/is the hot setup? The reason I am wanting to build both, is because I think it will be harder to find a Champion frame for the RD, so the DT will probably get built first as I find RD parts. Then, the DT will probably get switched to a short tracker or TT bike.
Back in the 70's the Champion framed Yamaha Twins used the road racer motors like the TD2 and TD3. The RD 250 will be problematic to get any power out of IMHO.
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