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Originally Posted by kČ. View Post
it's a dealer only reset
too bad

anyway, rode it home from the dealer KTM style, enjoying the bike where I could and when I was 10 km away from home, a red warning light....
and in the left screen it said "oil pressure low"

strangely oil pressure light goes out and warning goes away when on idle
when you rev it it comes back on

the opposite of what any mechanic wil tell you

so I called the assistance again and sent it back to the dealer's

two saturdays in a row, same towing company, same bike, same dealer...
towtruck driver said "you're the guy from last saturday"...
I answered "so what, you too"...

2 weeks in a row now I have to cope with almost 2 hours of commuting by bus to the capital instead of a wild 20 minutes ride to work

wrote to KTM Belgium
the answered the bike needed some fine tuning

fine tuning????
As you know my bike was towed to the dealer for the same reason as yours...

When I went to pick it up, the dealer asked me if I ever had an oil pressure warning light on the dash. This warning light had never turned on before.

The dealer said that after the update was performed, this oil pressure light went on. They immediately replaced the oil filter(s) and then the light stayed of.

I took the bike home and warning light never came on....

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